We have set the benchmark for hands-on aesthetic and regenerative medicine training that surpass our competitors. Students and participants are exposed to real-life procedures that they will face in their practice. In addition to aesthetic training, we help you learn to manage patient expectations, proper business management, and more.

Read what our colleagues say about us.

I looked into many training options, and the Academy for Advanced Practice stood out because of its hands-on small group education that was integrated into a real clinical scenario. In terms of instruction and support, I felt well prepared to embark on my own medical aesthetic career.

Frederick Harrison


I enrolled in their hands-on injection course and learned significantly. I felt more comfortable asking questions there compared to a large class. I highly recommend you to have that one-on-one training session, which they tailored to my specific learning style.

Samantha C


The Academy for Advanced Practice provided the solution for my office. This organization, which was founded by two incredibly competent and caring APRNs, assisted me in analyzing my needs and designing a specialized and comprehensive training program for us. Our nurse practitioner now has the confidence and expertise necessary to provide the high-quality care that our patients deserve. 

Dr. Thomas Entwistle DC

Clinic Owner

The instructors have excellent medical aesthetic and business understanding. These are important particularly for someone like me starting in the industry. They taught me a lot of business knowledge and management skills.

Liza Jameson

Medical Spa and Clinic Owner

The instructors give an amazing learning opportunity for students like me who want to enhance their aesthetic careers.

Janice Easton


They have friendly and fantastic instructors who are extremely informed. The hands-on aspect was amazing, and it gave me the confidence to start using Botox in my clinic."

Dr. Eric Curry

Medical Aesthetic Clinic