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Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetic Training

Courses and Services We Offer

The Academy for Advanced Practice offers clinic owners and medical professionals the tools required to succeed in the highly competitive integrated medical, aesthetic, or regenerative medicine practice. We provide in-depth practice evaluations, clinic documents, and customized aesthetic training to accelerate growth and maximize your cash-based services.

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Business Consulting and Coaching

We guide business owners and medical professionals to learn about various marketing solutions that can help their businesses grow.

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Medical Recruiting

We help clinics find Collaborating Physicians, Medical Directors, Nurse Practitioners or Physician’s Assistants, to provide services within the clinic.

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Important Office Documents

We provide important clinical documents such as consent forms, intake forms, policies and procedures, and more.

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We help businesses strengthen their compliance programs to prevent healthcare violations, negative consequences, and stiff penalties.

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We provide medical practitioners with trainings and manuals that will help them understand their responsibilities and guide them in performing their duties.

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Marketing solutions

We help businesses excel and reach their growth potential by providing marketing solutions and strategies.

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Legal referrals

We provide legal referrals and outstanding resources to help healthcare businesses reach their potential customers.

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Staff Training

We put staff and personnel support through comprehensive trainings so they may gain significant healthcare knowledge.

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We train medical practitioners in the proper use of a wide range of modern laboratory equipment to improve their applied skills and knowledge.

Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetic Trainings We Offer

Our instructors teach and share invaluable information and their extensive experience in performing aesthetic procedures while running a successful medical aesthetic business. With our professional educators and dedicated small-class hands-on training sessions, it is our commitment to bring quality training. We push forward and update training materials to ensure attendees receive the most up-to-date and important information in the field of regenerative medicine and aesthetics.

US Guided Joint Injection/TPI training

We provide 8-hour training sessions on non-invasive procedures to treating shoulder, hips and knee pains, and inflammation.

Trigger Point Injection Therapy

We offer TPI training sessions to help medical practitioners perform a safe and effective body pain treatment.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment

We offer trainings for PRP therapy that uses modern techniques and technology to help with skin concerns and treat sport-related injuries and impaired mobility.

Regenerative Medicine

We teach the regenerative medicine course that gives nurses and physician assistants the opportunity to learn innovative rehabilitation treatments.

Dermal Fillers (Basic/Advance)

We have 6-to-8-hour trainings on basic and advanced dermal fillers in the areas of lips, temples, hands, tear troughs, and more.

Botulinum Toxin (Botox/Dysport)

We provide 8-hour hands-on Botox trainings and workshops that discuss safe and effective facial treatment to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.

IV Therapy

We accommodate 4-hour trainings to medical practitioners to improve their practice of IV nutrition therapy assessment, protocols, and consents.

Medical Weight Loss

We bring medical weight loss training with guided treatments, such as pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical options.

Peptide Training

Learn the latest in peptide therapies for weight loss, anti aging, athletic performance, wellness therapies, and sexual health.

Become the Best Medical Aesthetic Practitioner

Looking for a unique approach to regenerative medicine and aesthetic training?

Our professional instructor will come to your office and provide customized in-office training to match your specific medical business needs. We provide education, workshops, and pathways in procedural medicine to physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and dentists all over Bradenton, Florida and nearby areas. Let us help you turbocharge your medical career with advanced medical aesthetic opportunities. Contact us now!

What Makes Us Stand Out

We focus on helping medical practitioners acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to be sought-after specialists. We have been conducting educational training and courses in the field of cosmetic aesthetic medicine. Our courses also teach medical professionals advanced business consulting and management. We want medical practitioners to excel and grow in any place by taking our diverse training courses.


Our fully-trained locum tenens provider allows you to save time and money while waiting for your permanent employment.


We offer private, one-one-one, or small-group training sessions to help you better communicate with our instructors.


We guarantee that you will receive staffing support and assistance after your training.

Industry Leader in Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetic Training

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We take advantage of every opportunity to introduce new medical aesthetic practices, staffing support, and business consulting. Our courses include training on equipment, business coaching, and modern cosmetic treatments. With our most comprehensive courses, nurses, physicians, and dentists are fully trained for medicinal aesthetic proficiency in performing new strategies in your practice.

We want to help you continue to develop and grow with our reliable training and programs to assist you in expanding your knowledge and practice. Schedule a free, no-risk consultation today.